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Our Conservation Program

Hayden Lake Irrigation District

The District has taken the approach of education when it comes to water use. Following the guidelines provided below will help in conservation and may reduce the risk of excess water charges.

As the population increases, not only in our district but throughout the region, wise use will become more and more important. To this end we are providing a few suggestions to help conserve water.

Our education method includes:

  • information on our web site on steps to help conserve water.
  • a demonstration garden at our office.
  • notifying homes with excess water use each month.
  • notifying homes when the meter indicates a leak.

The District reads the domestic meters monthly. We analyze the reads for each account to look for any anomalies. Based on the time of year (winter, spring, summer or fall) we determine what amount of water would be considered above average use for the month.

We visit each home that falls above the determined amount and any home where the leak indicator alarm was tripped.

When we arrive at the home we verify:

  • the meter if functioning properly.
  • the meter read is correct.
  • confirm, if possible, there is a leak.
  • what the leak rate is timed at; for example: 1 gallon per minute.

Once we have this information we attempt to speak with the owner/tenant to provide the data we collected. If there is no answer at the door we leave a tag. If there is a leak it will be a red tag with information about the leak, if there is high usage, then it will be a yellow tag as a courtesy notice. The courtesy notice will provide the amount of water used and a reminder you may incur excess water charges on your next invoice.

It is not our intent to define, or tell you, how much water you can use. Our intent is to keep you informed about your water use.

For help in determining the location of your leak please click on the blue box marked “Determining Your Leak” for a helpful guide.